In this Swyft Filings review, I am going to provide valuable information on the formation packages and the LLC formation services of the company, so that you can decide if they are worth your time and money. I must admit that Swyft Filings provides reliable, but expensive LLC services. None of its formation packages includes a free registered agent service for the first year.

Advantages of Swyft Filings

Having started with the weak points, I should also mention the following advantages that Swyft Filings has over its competitors:

Swyft Filings has earned great customer feedback from its clients, as well as from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). A quick Google search reveals hundreds if not thousands of positive customer reviews for Swyft Filings.

The basic package of Swyft Filings costs just $49 and it is one of the most affordable LLC formation services out there, just ten dollars more expensive than that of ZenBusiness. It includes a free domain name and excellent customer support.

Swyft Filings allows business owners to pay for its LLC formation service in two installments which makes make a big difference for businesses on a budget.

The cheapest formation package of Swyft Filings includes a 30-minute business tax consultation with an in-house tax specialist, as well as lifetime company alerts.

Swyft Filings Services

Swyft Filings promises to save its customers’ time and money by handling their business filings and compliance duties so that they can focus on growing their business.

Business Formation Services

Swyft Filings specializes has helped thousands of business owners in the USA form the legal entity of their choice. The company’s business formation services include the preparation of operating agreements for the following types of business structures:

LLC formation service

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are the most popular Business formation option in the United States. Not only does an LLC provide personal asset protection, but it also provides an unprecedented level of taxation flexibility. Unlike corporations, LLCs aren’t limited in their business operations by strict recordkeeping requirements.

There are several different types of LLCs: L3C (low-profit limited liability company), foreign LLC, member-managed, as well as single- or multiple-member managed LLC. As part of its LLC formation services, Swyft Filings can help you determine which business structure is best for your new business.

Swyft Filings promises that forming an LLC online will take only 10 minutes. You should first select your state of formation and you are then forwarded to a page with the company’s three packages: Premium, Standard, and Basic. I am going to discuss each of these three formation packages in greater detail below.

The Basic Package has the basic services you need to get started with forming an LLC. Yet, there are a few things that you will have to buy separately:

Your LLC just can’t do without an EIN and an Operating Agreement, while you are going to need the banking resolution, so as to open a business bank account. That said, you should add $135 to the price of Swyft Filings’ Basic Package to form an LLC. Suppose you want to open an LLC in Alabama, then you should add a state filing fee of $195 to the LLC formation service.

The total price of $379 includes first-class shipping and handling, as well as a standard state processing fee. You can purchase express state filing time, rush filing time, and FedEx shipping with a tracking number as optional add ons. Should you choose all of these extras, the total price of the LLC formation service goes up to $444.

S-corp & C-corp Formation Service

Should you like to form a C-corporation or a C-corporation using the basic formation package of Swyft Filings, you should purchase the following mandatory add ons:

You can choose to add either of Swyft Filings’ two premium expediting options Express Filing Time and Rush Filing Time for $85 and $175 respectively. The FedEx shipping option with a tracking number will cost you $25 extra. The corporation formation service does not include the state fee.

If you add all of these extras, it will cost you $604 to form a corporation with Swyft Filings in Alabama. With the Business Conversion Service of Swyft Filings, you can first form an LLC and then convert it to a corporation without paying extra for third-party assistance.

Registered agent service

The Swyft Filings registered agent service provides compliance services to businesses of all types and sizes in all 50 states. With the registered agent service of Swyft Filings, you will never miss an important filing deadline. Swyft Filings will keep you posted on when you have to make your filings with your state of formation.

The primary function of a registered agent service is to provide a business address and receive any formal correspondence between the secretary of state and your business. The address of the registered agent is publicly recorded used to serve lawsuits and other legal documents.

On the whole, you can easily order a registered agent service from Swyft Filings. You enter your name and email address, the type of business you own, and your company’s date and state of formation. After that, you need to specify if you’d like a change of registered agent, or you would like to appoint Swyft Filings as your registered agent.

How much does Swyft Filings registered agent cost?

The registered agent service fee is $149 a year, which makes it relatively affordable. I told them that I would like to have a registered agent in the state of New York. The state filing fee is $0 and there are three processing options:

The checkout process is rather straightforward and each order is backed by 100% money-back guarantee and includes free electronic delivery of documents.

Swyft Filings Compliance Services

In addition to assisting with LLC formation, Swyft Filings will also help your business remain in good standing with the state by providing the following compliance services:

Annual Report

Most states require LLCs and corporations to file annual reports announcing any changes to their articles of organization, members, distribution of votes, etc. Swyft Filings will gather and systematize all of the relevant info and will file it to the Secretary of State. The Annual Report Service is not included in any of the LLC formation packages and costs $99 a year plus state fees.

Initial Report

As of 2018, only ten states require new corporations and LLCs to file an initial report: Washington, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, California, Georgia, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Businesses in the above states are required to file a report within the first few months of formation to disclose company name, ownership, their designated registered agent service, and other crucial business information. The Initial Report Service of Swyft Filings is not part of their three ll formation packages and costs $55 per year plus state fee.

Filing for an EIN/Federal Tax ID Number

Before your LLC business can open a bank account or hire employees, it needs to have an Employer Identification Number (EIN). You can order an EIN filing service from Swift Filings for $79. If added to any of the Swyft Filings LLC formation packages, the service costs $70.

Foreign Qualification

You can form an LLC in the state of New York, for example, but after some time you can find new business opportunities in California. Basically, If you want to do business outside your state of incorporation, you need to file for foreign qualification.

You can order the service through the user portal of Swyft Filings. Swyft Filings charges $199 plus a state fee to file for foreign qualification on your behalf. The fess is added to the price of your package.

How much does Swyft Filings Cost?

The LLC services and business services that Swyft Filings provides are distributed in three packages that you can use to form an LLC or corporation.

Basic Package

The Basic Package of Swyft Filings costs Just $49 a year plus state fees and includes the following business services:

Obviously, Swyft Filings falls behind competitors like ZenBusiness, whose basic package is not only $10 cheaper, but also includes one free year of registered agent service. Even so, you can add a registered agent to your package for $149 per year. For comparison, LegalZoom’s registered agent costs $299 a year.

Standard Package

The Standard Package of Swyft Filings costs $149 per year plus state fees and includes everything in the starter package, plus the following essential services:

Of course, you can get started with the basic plan and add these services to your package later, but I think that the Standard Package of Syft Filings offers the best value for your money.

Premium Package

The premium package of Swyft Filings costs $299 + state fees for one year and includes everything in the Standard Package, plus some exclusive services such as:

The Customized Digital LLC Kit contains a digital seal with your company’s name, year of formation, and state. The twenty customized stock certificates allow you to distribute ownership documents to your corporation’s founding shareholders. The Ownership ledger will allow you to properly document all of your company’s business transfers.

The Rush Processing option can be added to the premium package for $150. Swyft Filings offers same business day processing for all orders placed before 3 pm EST. Orders placed later than 3 pm will be processed the next business day.

Free Business Website & Hosting

Through Swyft Filings’ third-party partnership, you get a free business website and 3 months of free web hosting when you buy their Premium package. Here are just some of the benefits of having a business website built for free:

If you feel that you do not need a business website just yet, you can have it set up for you later. This is a great value-added benefit that will help your business go online when you are ready.

Swyft Filings Customer Service

Swyft Filings provides customer support during regular business hours (9 am to 6 pm Mon- Fri CST) via email, live chat, and a toll-free phone number. The email support takes about 24 hours to answer an email query and their replies are always professional and exhaustive. Most of Swyft Filings’ customers give 5 stars to the company’s customer service.

As soon as you purchase an LLC service package, you are assigned a dedicated business specialist. This personal customer service agent will give you their business phone number and email, so you are not going to wait in a pool of calls. when you need assistance.

Swyft Filings Customer Reviews

Swyft Filings may not offer the best LLC service out there, but the customer reviews about the company are mostly positive. I personally do not like the fact that only their pricier plans include an operating agreement. However, their basic plan provides free name availability check and lifetime acces to their helpful customer support team.

While searching for information to put in this review of Swyft Filings, I stumbled upon customer feedback from a customer who was very disappointed with the cancellation policy of the company. He writes he made two attempts to cancel his package via phone and email, but his credit card was still billed every month.

Swyft Filings only let go of him after he had disputed the credit card charges before American Express. Even so, it was not a peaceful divorce as he had to pay hefty cancellation fees. So, before you sign up for their LLC service, make sure you are aware of all underlying charges and fees.

Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom

Towards the end of my Swyft Filings review, let me highlight LegalZoom as a possible alternative to this LLC service. The customer reviews of the two companies are equally diverse. Let’s take a closer look at their basic plans.

Order Processing Time

Even with their cheapest plan, Syft Filings takes seven business days to process an order, while LegalZoom can take up to 30 business days.

Registered Agent Service

Neither of the two LLC services provides a free registered agent service. However, that of Swyft Filings is $100 cheaper a year than that of LegalZoom.

Filing for an EIN

Neither Swyft Filings nor LegalZoom provides an EIN filing service with its basic plan. However, Swyft Filings charges $70 upfront, while legal zoom bundles it with an operating agreement and charges $159.

Compliance Services

The better company for compliance services is Swyft Filings. Swyft Filings provides free annual compliance via its ComplianceGuard™ Company Alerts (copyright 2021). LegalZoom offers a 10-day free trial for their compliance service. After this period, the company charges $280 a year.

Bottom Line

On the whole, LegalZoom is a rather expensive alternative to Syft Filings. However, they offer a much broader portfolio of legal services.

Final Words

Swyft Filings customers define the company’s LLC service as service as quick, easy, and reliable. The one thing you should watch out for is any hidden charges and fees.

The company provides a really swift filing service with same-day order procession. It is really a pitty that their basic llc formation package does not include a registered agent service. If you want a cheap registered agent plus LLC formation, check out the basic plan of ZenBusiness.

On the plus side, the cheapest pricing option of Swyft Filings includes a free domain name and 30 minutes of free tax consultation per month. The middle plan of the commpany is the best deal, as it includes EIN, an operating agreement, and a banking resolution. Go for the priciest plan if you are planning to sell your products or services online.

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