Finance Simplified. For Indivduals and Small Businesses

What Protection Do You Need?

Business Owner's Policy

General liability and property insurance combined as a simple package for small businesses.

Workers Compensation

State-mandated cover for injuries, death, medical expenses and lost wages of your staff.

Directors & Officers

Cover for legal expenses if your choices as a leader are criticized.

Cyber Insurance

If you're storing customer data then you are liable if there's a breach.

Professional Liability

Protection for errors and omissions alledged by customers.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Comp Calculator

On the job injuries and work-related health hazards can occur no matter if you work for a law firm or on a construction site. This

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Professional Liability

Electrician Insurance

Electricity is an important component in our lives and in this digital world, it is practically a basic need. As important as electricity can be,

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Face Painting Insurance

Face painting has been around for a very long time. It’s used in religious ceremonies, military camouflage, and most commonly for entertainment at parties and

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E&O Insurance For Insurance Agents

E&O insurance for insurance agents is very important. It’s ironic that professionals in the protection industry might even consider going without cover themselves. The insurance

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LLC Formation & Compliance

S Corp vs LLC Florida

LLCs in Florida can elect to be taxed as S corporations or sole proprietorships. each election has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have just

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In this post, I am going to compare two popular business structures a limited liability company (LLC) and a limited liability partnership (LLP). If you

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Sole Proprietorship vs LLC

To Incorporate, or not to incorporate? This is the Hamletian question of every budding business owner. In this post, I shall highlight some key differences

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LLC vs S Corp California

There is quite a big challenge when considering what California business structure to operate through in this state. And the main decision of the business

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There is more than one difference between a PLLC vs LLC. If you are a licensed plumber or carpenter and you already have an LLC,

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Wyoming vs Nevada LLC

In this review, I am going to draw a head-to-head comparison of the LLC formation laws and fees in the states of Nevada and Wyoming

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Commerical Auto

Hot Shot Insurance

If you own or operate a pickup truck and use it for commercial purposes, you have to buy a particular auto policy called hot shot

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Bobtail Insurance

Heavy trucks move America’s economy. Millions of giant wheels are rolling on the highways across the country day and night to feed, dress, provide medical

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Real Estate