Finance Simplified. For Indivduals and Small Businesses

What Protection Do You Need?

Business Owner's Policy

General liability and property insurance combined as a simple package for small businesses.

Workers Compensation

State-mandated cover for injuries, death, medical expenses and lost wages of your staff.

Directors & Officers

Cover for legal expenses if your choices as a leader are criticized.

Cyber Insurance

If you're storing customer data then you are liable if there's a breach.

Professional Liability

Protection for errors and omissions alledged by customers.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Comp Calculator

On the job injuries and work-related health hazards can occur no matter if you work for a law firm or on a construction site. This

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Professional Liability

Personal Trainer Insurance

As a personal trainer, assisting and instructing your clients to achieve their fitness goals puts them under your care and watch during your sessions, which

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handyman insurance

Handyman insurance

You’ve got your tools and an eye for detail, but have you got handyman insurance? As a handyman, your day may include odd jobs, painting,

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Private Investigator Insurance

Private investigator insurance is a form of business insurance designed to cover a wide variety of risks that PIs take while working for attorneys, insurance

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LLC Formation & Compliance

Commerical Auto

Hot Shot Insurance

If you own or operate a pickup truck and use it for commercial purposes, you have to buy a particular auto policy called hot shot

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Bobtail Insurance

Heavy trucks move America’s economy. Millions of giant wheels are rolling on the highways across the country day and night to feed, dress, provide medical

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Real Estate