California’s real estate sector seems to be doing rather well at the moment and finding the best online real estate school California is a great way to get ahead in this lucrative market.

As a freshly-licensed real estate agent in California, you can expect to make about $70,000 a year. Therefore, online real estate schools in the Golden State are getting increasingly popular.

The primary function of California’s online real estate schools to license real estate agents. In the following paragraphs, I shall have a detailed look at the top ten online real estate schools in California.

They not only issue licenses and certificates to budding realtors but also offer various license upgrade programs, individual courses, career hubs, and continuing education opportunities.

Best Online Real Estate Schools in California

#1.Real Estate Express

If you are a self starter estate agent, you may be looking for a cheap online real estate school. Real Estate Express is the most affordable online real estate school in California, charging just $119 for their 135-hour course.

Real Estate Express’s “Pass or Don’t Pay” option is just one of the reasons why I think this is the best online real estate school in California. It is available on all of the school’s packages above the basic one.

Exam preparation materials are included in the price of almost all packages that Real Estate Express provides. Real Estate Express often launches fantastic promotions of pre-licensing training courses with included exam preparation materials. The discounts sometimes reach 25% with a provided promo code.

Real Estate Express Course Packages

Real Estate Express’s Basic Package has a starting price of just $119. This is the perfect set of courses for professionals who already has some experience in the real estate business.

What’s Included in the package:

The Exam Preparation Package costs $225. It includes everything in the Basic Package plus these extras:

The Exam Preparation Plus bundle costs $349 and  includes everything in the previous two packages, plus the following extras:

Prep for Success Pro Membership

The Ultimate Learning Package costs $449 and has been beefed up with the following mega features:

Each package contains core and elective classes, which you can swap as per your preferences.

Individual Courses

Real Estate Express is a reliable individual course provider. The school offers a wide variety of individual online classes at $99 per course. Their duration is 45 hours each, except for Sherri Johnson’s Boot Camp that continues for 12 hours.

#2. Aceable Agent

As the closest competitor of Real Estate Express, AceableAgent provides the California Real Estate License Course that you can take it online at your own pace for just $119. All study materials are available in a downloadable PDF package.

Pre-license Course Requirements

To get your California real estate agent’s license from Aceable Agent, you must complete the following steps. First, there are three core classes that the learner must take:

Each course’s duration is 45 academic hours, which equals 135 hours of instruction for the three. Each course is followed by an open-book final exam. If you pass it with a 60% score or higher, you get a certificate. You have to collect all three pre-licensing certificates so as to be prepared for the California Real Estate Licensing Exam.

When applying, keep in mind that you are going to have your fingerprints taken and a background check carried on you. California Salesperson Licensing Exam’s pass rate is 70%.

How long does the training take?

Just like the classes of Real Estate Express, Aceable Agent’s training program allows you to set your own pace. Each course takes a minimum of 45 hours of online instruction to complete.

The California Department of Real Estate demands that the candidates wait at least 18 days between course purchase and taking the first exam. However, it is up to the candidate to decide when to complete the coursework.

Money Back Guarantee

Aceable Agent promises that they will fully refund you if you fail to pass the California Real Estate Licensing Exam three consecutive times.

Aceable Agent Individual Courses

Aceable Agent provides the following individual classes, each having a different duration and price:

License Renewal Classes

In addition to individual courses, Aceable Agent provides many continuing education programs that California realtors can take online to renew or extend the validity of their licenses. Unfortunately, Aceable Agent has developed CE classes for realtors working in Texas and New York only.

#3. Mbition

Mbition’s Real Estate School provides real estate, appraisal, and home inspection courses that have been endorsed by the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC).

Salesperson & Real Estate Broker Pre-Licensing

These self-paced online pre-licensing classes will walk you through the process of earning your real estate license and give you a solid professional grounding. Accessible online 24/7 from any device, Mbition’s Gold and Platinum packages include:

Pass the First Time Guarantee

The Gold and Platinum packages contain the school’s special exam prep tool and are offered with Pass the First Time Guarantee. Mbition’s real estate agent’s pre-licensing course has a pass rate of 80%.

Candidates must take the state licensing exam within six months of completing the pre-licensing course and prep study plan.

Exam Prep Packages

Mbition’s education experts have developed a comprehensive set of exam prep products that ensures the candidate’s readiness for the real estate license exam. The prep package includes:

Mbition’s California Real Estate License Prices

To budding realtors in California, Mbition offers three-course packages, each with a duration of 135 academic hours.

The Silver plan includes instructor and technical support, while the pre-licensing classes are offered as an e-book.

The Gold plan includes everything in the Silver option, plus The MathMaster (a state-of-the-art computer program that will show you the secrets of real estate math), the Real Estate Exam Prep Tool, and the above-mentioned Pass The First Time Guarantee.

The Platinum package contains everything in the previous two plans, a comprehensive Real Estate Exam Prep Toolkit and a hardcover Real Estate Pre-license Textbooks.

Mbition also provides the following online solutions to licensed realtors:

Bottom Line

Mbition’s online real estate school has one major drawback: its tuition fees are difficult to locate on its website. Also, when migrating from section to section, the website constantly gives you different hCaptcha image tests to verify that you are human.

 #4. Real Estate Exam Scholar

As soon as you open Exam Scholar’s landing page, you are greeted with a strong pledge: “The Best 2021 California Real Estate Exam Prep You Will Ever Need… Guaranteed Or It’s Free!”

The school vows to fully refund the candidate with the real estate agent or salesperson course’s tuition fee if they fail to pass the exam at the first sitting.

Two California Real Estate Exam Prep Courses

Once you’ve selected a location by state, you are forwarded to the school’s course options. In California, Real Estate Exam Scholar provides two exam prep options: California Salesperson and California Broker. They both have 6-month enrollment and include the following features:

The course prices and the features in the packages remain the same regardless of the state.

Mbition’s Affiliate

While browsing Real Estate Exam Scholar’s website, I came across the following interesting information. It appears that Real Estate Exam Scholar is not the developer of the classes that the school provides. Rather, it offers them in a partnership with Mbition Learn Real Estate.

The best online real estate courses you can take below $50

While shopping around for an affordable online real estate licensing school, you might have come across Real Estate Exam Scholar. It may be a bit disappointing to find out that this school does not provide an independent accreditation, but the exam packages are the best you can buy for less than $50.

Some students complain that there is no real course content, but I think that the Quizzes cover the critical points of the real estate agent’s training. There appears to be a more serious issue with the flashcards: only about half of them include the answer to the question on the card.

#5. Kaplan Real Estate Education

The Kaplan Real Estate Education Center provides comprehensive training courses in the following fields:

For this article’s purpose, let’s check out the real estate and broker licensing options that Kaplan provides in the state of California. Interestingly, this school draws a geographical distinction between California and South California.

Kaplan California Real Estate Courses

The courses are called packages, and each consists of 135 credit hours. They fall into three categories:

Kaplan’s four home study packages are more affordable than it live online classes:

Kaplan’s Live Online classes allow you to experience the benefits of a virtual classroom from the comfort of your home. You will pay more, but you will receive real-time tutelage from proven real estate professionals.

If you want training at your own pace, you can sign up for Kaplan’s On-Demand Video Classes or buy the Home Study exam prep package.

Kaplan South California Real Estate Courses

In South California, Kaplan has developed the following training modules:

Let’s look at Kaplan South California Licensing Classes in greater detail. Interestingly, they are provided only in an online live format. Their duration and prices are also different:

Bottom Line

I think that the third and the fourth package are usually taken together as one 90-hour course. Under the South California State requirements, licensed real estate agents and salespersons must complete 10 hours of continuing education (4 hours on mandatory topics and 6 hours on elective) every two years.

#6. The CE Shop

The CE Shop provides innovative career education in five main fields: Licensing, License Upgrade, Continuing Education, as well as Exam Prep and post-licensing training. If you refer a friend to some of its products, CE shop is going to give you $25 for every purchase they make above $200 and $10 for purchases below $200.

As to your friend, they’ll get 35% off their first purchase. Because of CE Shop’s attractive referral program, perhaps it is a good idea to sign up for some of their real estate online licensing courses with a friend. Let’s look at them more closely.

California Salesperson Real Estate License Packages

 The CE Shop provides three licensing courses, each providing 45 hours of instruction: Principles, Practice, and Finances. Each of the three courses includes 18 hours of instruction on mandatory topics and 27 hours of training on electives.

The state of California requires that candidates take all three of them before they can sit a real estate agent’s licensing exam. All of the prices quoted below are valid with a promo code. The courses alone cost just over $90.

The bundle includes 135 Hours of CA Pre-Licensing, e-books, downloadable resources, digital flashcards, career resources, a real estate glossary, a study schedule, and webinars with an instructor.

The Standard package costs $132.30 and includes everything in the courses package, plus CE Shop’s Exam Prep Edge and Pass Guarantee.

The Value Package costs $160.30. Here, the added extras are several useful business startup courses.

The priciest package that the CE Shop provides costs $188.30 and includes everything in the previous packages, plus access to the school’s online Learning Library and additional practice tests. The Premium Plan also includes a 45-hour real estate license renewal course.

CE Shop’s Continuing Education Package

As per California’s real estate law, realtors need to have their licenses renewed every four years. The CE Shop provides a 45-hour first-time license renewal package to real estate brokers for $69.

The 18 mandatory hours cover ethics, fair housing, trust fund handling, risk management, property supervision, and management. The 27 elective hours cover consumer protection and consumer service topics.

 #7. AYPO Real Estate

AYPO Real Estate provides pre-license and CE courses for real estate agents and mortgage loan consultants. Unfortunately, this school only offers Continuing Education courses in California. The 45-hour renewal package for real estate agents.

45-hour Complete Renewal Package

The 45-hour CE bundle for real estate agents is specifically-designed for brokers who wish to have a first-time renewal or subsequent renewal of their license. Some of the included topics cover risk management questions, trust fund, land use controls, and real estate valuation.

The package costs $65, but realtors can choose from a variety of a-la-carte courses, too. Each course has a different price tag and brings a certain number of credits. In the end, a broker must gather 45 credit hours to have their license renewed.

AYPO’s 18-hour consumer protection course

This is the second most popular choice of brokers who wish to customize their portfolio of license renewal courses. The topics covered during the 18 hours of instruction include financing sources, different loan programs, integrated mortgage disclosures and agency, and property management.

They are all related to consumer protection. The 18-hour package costs $36. After the course’s completion, the candidate has 40 minutes to answer 40 multiple-choice questions. To pass the final exam, the candidate must score at least 70%.

 AYPO Real Estate’s 9-hour and 3-hour courses

AYPO Real Estate also offers three and 9-hour CE online courses. For example, the California 9-hour consumer service course costs $18, while the 3-hour ethics course costs just $9. To pass the 9-hour course’s final exam, a candidate must score at least 70% on the multiple-choice test.

The test consists of 25 questions and takes 25 minutes to complete. The three-hour course in Ethics also requires the candidate to score at least 70% on the final multiple-choice test. However, this time, the test consists of only 15 questions and shall be completed in 15 minutes.

AYPO Real Estate’s Other Real Estate Education Options

This online real estate school also offers exam prep courses and pre-license training, but these packages are only available in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Oregon, and Texas. AYPO Real Estate takes only the seventh position on my list because it only offers CE courses in California.

 #8. Rockwell Institute

Founded in 1974, the Rockwell Institute is one of the best online real estate schools in the USA. Their highly-qualified instructors will give you the online guidance that you need to earn your license and become a highly successful real estate agent or salesperson.


The Cram Course costs $149 and includes an e-book. However, the following components can be purchased separately for $89 each, including a textbook.

Each course is rich in illustrations, graphs, and charts aimed to boost the candidate’s learning and retention capabilities. Some course sections are navigated by an animated instructor, who’ll give you some real-life examples.

At different stages throughout the course, you’ll be given a chance to test what you’ve learned and reinforce your understanding of the material.

The course also includes telephone and email support from the school’s tutors within their office hours, as well as all documents and forms required to take the state licensing exam. You can complete each course at your own pace and on your schedule.

Bottom Line

The Rockwell institute occupies the eighth spot on our list because it only provides Salesperson’s License Training through a single course package. Also, the pass mark is a bit higher than that of the other online real estate schools, 80%.

Real Estate Licensing Requirements 

As per California’s state law, each candidate must be at least 18 years old to take the real estate license exam. To prepare for it, the candidate must complete all three modules listed above.

Curiously, you do not need a high school diploma to qualify, neither are you required to be a California resident. With each of Rockwell’s classes, you can review the study material in the provided textbook or online.

However, the exam is taken in an online format only. If you go for the online classes that this real estate school provides, you can also take advantage of the useful chapter quizzes.

#9. Allied Real Estate School

Allied School has been providing online education and real estate licensing courses since 1992. The school has licensed over one million brokers in California, giving them a flying start into a prosperous career.

The Allied Real Estate School also provides training to appraisers and mortgage lending specialists in California. Today, this online real estate school has developed an industry-leading platform that provides online training narrowly focused on the real estate market in California.

Allied School’s online real estate courses provide a variety of Continuing Education opportunities to active real estate professionals.

Allied School’s Real Estate License Education Packages

Allied school’s real estate learning packages cover the mandatory pre-licensing course, as well as a useful selection of individual and on-demand courses. You can rest assured that the school will provide you with the right course set to develop your real estate career further.

Allied is a part of a network of approved online real estate schools, including the Luxury Home Marketing Institute, McKissock, and Real Estate Express. Currently, the school offers the following course sets:

The Real Estate Fast Track Program consists of three mandatory pre-license courses (Real Estate Principles Course 45 hours, Real Estate Practice Course 45 hours, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate 45 hours).

It gives the candidate access to live online tutelage, downloadable study materials, and practice tests. The Premium Program adds to the basic package an exam cam video, digital exam flashcards, e-dictionary, and Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee.

The Premium Plus program includes everything in the previous two pricing plans, plus a set of paper copy textbooks.

Other courses provided by the Allied Real Estate Schools

The school also provides four license packages for real estate brokers and flexible CE courses for license renewal. All continuing education courses are approved by the California Department of Real Estate.

The renewal package provides 45 credit hours of instruction and costs just $67. Allied also provides a wide selection of 45-hour individual classes, each of which costs $68.

#10. CA Realty Training Real Estate License School

The last stop on our list of the best online real estate schools in California is for CA Realty Training. I particularly liked their neat landing page, where the visitor can easily see what kinds of training the school provides and how much they cost

Salesperson License

CA Realty Training provides salesperson’s license broker’s license, state exam prep courses, and CE courses at prices starting from $155. The forms of training are as follows:

The Online + Video package allows the candidate to watch and learn from anywhere at their own pace. The program provides access to California’s mandatory real estate classes plus live training videos. If you want to buy all e-books and hard copy textbooks, plus all videos, the study materials will amount to $181. The one-year access to the online program costs $154, so the total goes up to $336.

The textbooks and the online program cover all of the required material, while the video’s role is mainly supplemental. The candidate must take two required courses (Real Estate Practice and Real Estate Principles) and one elective course.

I don’t like that candidates are automatically enrolled in the Finance elective because this takes “elective” out of the equation. The online program includes online state exam prep tests. The online state exam prep package also gives the candidate access to over 3,000 flashcards and 1,500+ multiple-choice questions.

Real Estate Broker’s License Program

The program contains eight mandatory classes. If the real estate agent has already earned a salesperson’s license, they only have to complete the five remaining classes. To enroll in the broker’s license program, you are required to prove a minimum of 2-years salesperson experience within the last five years.

The five special classes cost plus all study materials cost $345. There also are supplemental real estate finance videos that you can add to the package for $50.

Exam Prep Crash Course

CA Realty Training provides different exam prep packages to help future real estate agents pass the California Real Estate License Exam. The online-only package costs just $50 and includes 1,000+ test questions, exam prep category, and over 3,000 flashcards and definitions.

Online Real Estate Schools in California FAQ

If you could ask only three questions about the best online real estate schools in California, I suppose they will be as follows:

#1 What is the best online real estate school in California?

The first place is tightly contested between AceableAgent and Real Estate Express. In this review, I’ve expressed a slight preference for the latter, but AceableAgent has also built some impeccable reputation.

AceableAgent has developed a user-friendly, easy-to-use app for iOS and Android and has the best learning material delivery methods.

Real Estate Express the most affordable online real estate school in California for its 135-hour course. Besides, they offer regular tuition fee discounts. Their most serious claim to California’s best online real estate school award is their bold statement “Pass or Don’t Pay”!

 #2. Can you get your CA real estate license online?

Yes, you can. All of the above real estate schools are California-based and issue valid real estate agent’s licenses. Each of these course providers has got its email address listed on the school’s landing page.

#3. Are online real estate courses legitimate?

Real estate schools in California provide real estate education that is 100% legit. If you prefer to shop around for different course providers, make sure that their classes are approved by the California Department of Real Estate.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the top ten online real estate schools in the Golden State, you may perhaps think of having an LLC set up and starting a realtor career. Reach out to ZenBusiness now and ask for a quote!

Take this free tip from me. As a budding realtor, it’s a good idea to have a valid Errors & Omissions insurance policy. It will get you covered in case any advice you’ve given your clients does not work quite as planned. You may also need one as a licensing requirement.

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