Professional Liability Insurance

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  • Nurse Liability Insurance
    As a nurse, you spend long hours each day working in an office or a hospital caring for your patients and providing them the best treatment that you can. You are a caretaker and have a genuine interest in making sure that they get the greatest level of care you can provide. But what happens […]
  • Automobile Dealer Insurance
    America has the largest number of motorists per capita. So, car dealerships are among the country’s most popular small businesses. If you count among them then you should definitely consider automobile dealer insurance. At the same time, automobile dealers have so much to take care of: manage inventory, comply with the latest workplace safety requirements […]
  • Home Inspector Insurance
    As a home inspector, you may wonder if you should have insurance, what kind of insurance is recommended, and how much it may cost you to carry insurance. Having a home inspector insurance policy can help protect you against things like hazards on the job and also claims made against you based on a mistake […]
  • Social Work Liability Insurance
    Social work is a demanding career path, one where a person provides support to individuals, families, and the community at large in order to best serve society as a whole. The issues that a clinical social work encounters are usually pretty complex. It is certainly an admirable career field and one that is based largely […]
  • Physical Therapy Liability Insurance
    Physical therapy liability insurance is essential for the patient’s post-surgery recovery. If you have had a knee, shoulder, or elbow surgery in the past two months, you know what I am talking about. Physical therapists usually work with patients with similar conditions in groups of three or four. This makes the session more affordable for […]

Table of Contents

What Protection Do You Need?

Business Owner's Policy

General liability and property insurance combined as a simple package for small businesses.

Workers Compensation

State-mandated cover for injuries, death, medical expenses and lost wages of your staff.

Directors & Officers

Cover for legal expenses if your choices as a leader are criticized.

Cyber Insurance

If you're storing customer data then you are liable if there's a breach.

Professional Liability

Protection for errors and omissions alledged by customers.