If you want to buy precious metals, then Provident Metals is high on the list as a bullion dealer. They sell a wide selection of exquisite metals that include copper, gold, platinum, and silver to palladium. Never heard of them? Then make sure to get the inside scoop here with our Provident Metals Review. Here we take a detailed look at the service they provide and whether or not you should use them.

Who are Provident Metals?

The Provident Metals was founded in 2009 as a precious metal dealer. They are based in Dallas TX and are part of the Provident Precious Metals LLC group, a dealer of influential organizations that include the:

• ICTA (Industry Council for Tangible Assets)

• PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service)

• NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation)

• CCE (Certified Coin Exchange), and

• NCS (Numismatic Conservations Services)

The Dallas-based business is a leading retailer online for domestic and international bullion currency, numismatic coins, and other forms of investment-grade metals. They are known as a “People’s Bullion Dealer.” A fact is they came about on request of people looking to buy silver and gold bullion and partnered with someone they could trust.

So if you are a bullion investor with unique needs, Provident Metals can help. You can find unique products with them. They are one of the premier online destinations to buy domestic and sovereign bullion worldwide.

Provident metals management

The Director and Manager are Joseph P. Merrick. He has interests in many other businesses, including Wylie Gold & Silver, LLC, and GEMCO Global Estate Merchandiser’s Company. You will find his name popping up in several press releases when it comes to Provident Metals, and he has also made his way into the Wall Street Journal. The customer service manager is Mr. Josh Portlock.

The unique silver rounds available

To give you a taste of the types of precious metal they offer, we looked closely at their silver rounds. You will find that Provident Metals offers you six different silver rounds if you are into precious metals. All of them are popular, ranging from:

• Buffalo

• Incuse Indian

• Saint Gaudens Mold

• Morgan Replica

• Peace Dollar Replica

• Engelhard Prospector

Apart from these designs, they also offer you diverse ounces per design, from the traditional one-ounce, fractional, ten-ounce weights to the half-quarter. Furthermore, it gives you a choice to select various ounces. For this reason, Provident Metals has the largest selection of silver designs available compared to any other bullion dealer and worth checking out. However, it does not stop here.

Free shipping and a phenomenal service

When you make your first one-ounce silver round purchase or any other metal, you get fast shipping at a great price. You get the price all-inclusive of shipping/CC fees, and it does not take a long time for them to send packages

When it comes to website functionality, you get real-time price quotes. So you do not need to give them a call as it’s right there for you online. Even the security is up to par, providing you with 24/7 online ordering backed by VERI-sign. Compared to other metal dealers, they accept major credit cards making your orders convenient to order with them online.

Great value for precious metals

Now, a crucial thing. Using their services as an investor is that the value of your investment remains precisely the price you pay. You must agree when investing in mediocre investments getting significant assets at a high price is middling. However, the best part is that you can invest your money at great prices. All their silver rounds are freshly minted and $0.99 over the spot. You can even find some mixed types of silver rounds at lower costs, and by far, they beat any other dealer.

Some key pages presented by Provident Metals

If you want to give them a try, there are some important pages you can look at on their website, which is providentmetals.com and is very easy to use.

Silver Bullion – here you get access to their catalog comprising silver bullion coins and bars.

Precious Metals IRA – if you want to know the process when purchasing their precious metals to use in an IRA account, this is the place to be. Here you also get access to their different types of bullions available in the IRA. They partner with diverse IRA curators to help you achieve your goals.

Gold Bullion – Are you interested in investing in gold bullion coins and bars. Here, you get access to their catalog to help you find a perfect investment for yourself.

Fully verified and accredited

Provident Metals is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 10/28/2019, making them a worthy option to look at. Not only can you buy metals from them you can also sell yours back to them. You can get top dollar prices for your numismatic or bullion metals.

What are customers saying?

If you do not believe that Provident Metals provides you with outstanding services, check out the thousands of reviews on their site. The majority of their rating is exceptional when it comes to providing a service, with many giving them 5 stars. Many consumers agree that they offer a clean vibe with outstanding security and an easy-to-use website.

Why choose Provident Metals?

One thing sure you get exceptional customer service as they take care of their customers. Once you buy from them, you can feel confident you will be treated well. You can get great pricing with quality products, and their shipping is fast. You can order with them 24/7, and if you feel more comfortable, you can place your order by phone.

Moreover, you get an incredible selection as their traders try their best to seek out the best deals worldwide. You get an affordable investment with low prices and have an automated ordering system to keep the costs down. Even when ordering your metals, they handle the shipping discreetly, from the label to the wrapping. The shipping rates are meager, and everything is done securely.

Furthermore, they accept credit cards, cryptocurrencies and they offer military discounts.

Can you trust Provident Metals?

Interesting question as you can hear horror stories about untrustworthy companies. Still, in honesty, they are registered with the Better Business Bureau who solves disputes with unhappy customers. Their primary service is IRAs, and fees are charged by the custodial company and trust.

Once you decide on a custodian, you can ask them about the annual fees, storage fees, and set-up fees. Their prices vary based on your choice of custodian. According to their clients, the fees are affordable without any hidden costs.

Another question is if you can get your other metals and gold delivered to your door. Yes, with PMs, you can, as multiple orders are shipped and fully insured. However, numerous orders cannot be combined, and all packages above $750 need a signature confirmation for receiving.

All their metals are shipped with First Class, Express, or Priority using USPS. Once your package is shipped, they notify you via email. In contrast, oversized packages might be shipped using Federal Express or UPS. Based upon your order, you might even be eligible for free shipping.

Now, can you store your investment with them? You can use a third-party depository partner. You can also sell back your bullion to them in three steps. The first step is to call in to set up your selling account. The following steps to ship your items and lastly, your payments released.

However, the minimal amount to sell your product back to them is $1000. Your entire purchase order needs to reach this minimum. Lastly, not anybody can use the service as it’s only for citizens from Canada or the United States.

So can they be trusted? Absolutely. They are a legitimate company and have been in business since 2009, and have a physical address. So are there any red flags flying? A fact is that with any company, you get several outstanding to distracting reviews. However, their overall score is above average.

The main downside for the company is the lack of online chat support. But they do provide you with an email and contact number. Lastly, if you cannot get hold of them, you can always pay them a visit at the provided address.

Should you invest with Provident Metals?

To get a better overall picture, we have highlighted some of the advantages and disadvantages of using their service:

What We Like:

• You get a wide selection of bars and coins to buy

• The revies online is a lot

• The customer service is good

• You receive your products at your door

• They present you with different methods of payment

• You can sell your bullions back to them

The Not so Good:

• We have noticed some minor complaints, but the positives outweigh the negative

• There is no precise number you will pay on your yearly fees

• And they do not provide you with live chat if ever you need to know something or have a complaint

Final thoughts

We found with Provident Metals that they take care of their investors as each client is satisfied with their purchase. The ordering process is a breeze, and their deliveries are the best. Their metal selection is enormous, and you can find new arrivals continuously making their way onto the website.

So check out their Provident Originals and buyback programs today. You will not be disappointed. You will find everything available with them online to get you started right now.

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