is a website that offers precious metal coins and other collectible items to its customers.

GovMint provides gold, silver, and platinum bullion products for purchase by individual investors or dealers who resell them to their clients.

GovMint Review

The coins available on primarily include American-produced ones, which is only to be expected from a US-based corporation whose primary customer base consists of Americans. The selection includes Silver Eagles and other American coins both past and present.

Shipping if complimentary once order exceeds $149. This includes rare Silver coins and collector’s items, not just investment-grade bullion coins.

There are also pages with coins from many other countries. The amount of coins for each country is not huge, but it does include obscure nations that are not covered by even the APMEX.’s entire coin stock can be classified as medium – it is smaller than that of APMEX and its ilk, but wider ranged only sells coins and so you cannot sell your coins back to them.

Prices on Review

The prices on are far more expensive than the prices found on other precious metal sites such as APMEX. When comparing a handful of product prices, you can see that there is great disparity in pricing between Govmint and APMEX, with the subject website being much higher than spot price.

Is a Scam?

GovMint seems unlikely to be a scam, but they are porbably not the best way to buy gold and silver coins because of their prices and lack of clear support channels.

GovMint Ordering and Shipping Methods

As we discussed above, one of the many ways to place an order with is by contacting them 24 hours a day over the phone. In addition, orders can be placed by email or using purchase buttons on the site. Finally, it’s possible to buy gold and silver products offered by using a fax

The only payment options on are credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. When you place an order to purchase silver and gold coins or bullion products for sale online from your card is not charged until the items reach you in 1-2 weeks time. does not offer “locked-in” prices for bullion coins, which means you will pay the price of the metal at a future date when your credit card is charged rather than what it will be quoted as on the site or over the phone.

We recommend shoppers only purchase from if you are expecting metal prices to remain stable or increase, or if you have enough money in your budget with room for ups and downs.

Unlike most other gold and silver companies in the United States, which cluster mainly in southern or west coast areas like California, is located in Upper Midwest coordinates near Minneapolis, Minnesota – a region rife with small lakes, short summers, and cold winters under blue skies. is located at the crossroads of Southcross Drive West and Burnsville, Minnesota. Govmint offers 24-hour telephone service, where they can be reached toll free by persons from inside the United States for standard rates while those residing outside in other countries will need to pay their own long distance charges.

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