This review looks at the portal – an online dealer of coins and bullion. Many people wanting to diversify their investments and assets consider buying bullion and rare coins. These can be expensive items and therefore it’s imperative that you make sure that the company you buy from is credible, trustworthy, and legitimate.

That’s why we have extensively researched to help you in making a judgement call about buying through them, as there are many other bullion and coins dealers and trading platforms to choose from. 

We look at the platform and provide an overview of what they sell and what services they offer. We also look at other online reviews from sites like Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau, and the BCA which rate organisations across America in terms of customer feedback, complaints, and other data. Furthermore, we look at the pros and cons to investing and buying through and we provide an overall review of the company. 

About California Numismatic Investments and their precious metals is the website for the American company, California Numismatic Investments (CNI), which trades in precious metals – particularly gold bullion, silver bullion, platinum bullion, and IRAs. 

CNI was founded in 1981 and has been in existence for over 40 years. It is based at Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, California.

In addition to selling a range of precious metal bullion, coins, and rare coins, they also allow people to sell their precious metals. Below we provide an overview of their products and services.’s range of bullion products and services buys and sells a wide range of bullion bars and coins including gold, silver, platinum, and more rare metals like palladium and rhodium as well as some rare coins. In addition, they sell bullion that can be included in self-directed IRAs. Below we provide more information on these products and well as their general services. 

Gold bullion bars and coins sells a range of gold bullion products, in a variety of sizes – from 1 oz, 10 oz, 100 grams (3.215 oz), to 1 kilogram (32.15 oz). These bars are guaranteed in terms of their weight and purity by private mints. They also buy and sell a variety of bullion gold coins, minted by sovereign countries. 

Some examples of these gold bullion products are the US Gold Eagle series, gold bars from PAMP Suisse or Credit Suisse, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the South African Gold Krugerrand, the Chinese Gold Panda, Lunar Gold Coins, Mexican Peso Gold Coins, and Austrian Philharmonics. They also stock pre-1933 gold bullion like the British Sovereign, Swiss 20 Franc, and French 20 Franc.

Silver bars and coins

GoldDear stocks a large array of silver bullion bars and coins. Examples include the 1 oz American Silver Eagle, the American Silver Eagle Monster Box of 500 coins, 1 oz silver rounds, 10 oz and 100 oz silver bars, the Canadian Silver Mega Leaf 10 oz, Austrian Silver Philharmonic 1 oz, the Australian Silver Kangaroo 1 oz, the Silver Bar Britannia 100 oz, and the Asahi Kilo Silver Bar. 

Platinum bars and coins sells a range of platinum bullion coins and bars. These include the American Platinum Eagle, the Australian Platinum Kangaroo, Australian Platinum Platypus, the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, the PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar, and the Baird Platinum Bar.

Other types of bullion products

GoldDirect also sells various other bullion products. These include palladium bullion coins and bars, Rhodium bullion bars, Peace and Morgan Dollar Rolls, and limited mintage bullion (such as the Australian gold lunar series, the Australian silver deadly series, the Canadian silver wildlife series, and the Canadian silver predator series. They also sell rare coins and pre-1933 coins.’s services

The platform allows customers to request a live quote online. Customers can also order bullion products online and have them delivered with free insured shipping (with USPS or FedEx Express) throughout the USA and zero commission on sales. Once you place your order, you will be sent an order confirmation to your email address and the order is then confirmed. All transactions allow you to provide the shipping address details and you will receive a tracking number for the delivery of your package.

They also offer free appraisals and can also provide market insights upon request. Furthermore, they have a daily audio gold news channel which you can listen to over the internet – providing veteran commentary to help customers and investors better understand the bullion market. They also offer a free subscription to their ‘Almost Famous Gold Newsletter’, written by Richard Schwary who has vast trading experience. 

The newsletter gives commentary on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium markets and provides opinions about where different markets are headed. The newsletter sometimes discusses bullion premiums and also warns about certain scams and investments to avoid. 

IRA products with sells precious metals that can be put into a self-directed IRA. However, it is not a custodian and doesn’t have its own storage facilities, so you would need to find an independent storage depository for any bullion that you purchase. 

About Richard Schwary

Richard is the President of the corporation and has extensive experience in dealing and trading in precious metals. He has been a price contributor to ‘A Guide Book of United States Coins’, which is a long-standing pricing guide for US coins.

Richard was an Officer and Director of The Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG). He also served as PNG’s President from 1997-1999.

Online reviews of 

It’s important that when you consider buying and investing in expensive products like gold and silver, that you do careful and thorough research into the company you are buying from as there are many scams out there and you want to find a legitimate and trustworthy dealer to buy from.

Online reviews like befreela can help shed light on companies and can be a good way to see what other customers have experienced in terms of customer service, delivery times, and how complaints are handled. 

Part of your research should be to look at online consumer feedback sites like Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau and even the Business Consumer Alliance to get an idea of their overall ratings. Below we look at the reviews received on each of these platforms for

On the website they also have a ‘references’ section, which lists several membership organisations which they are a part of. These include: the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) which is an American organization dedicated to ethical standards and the dissemination of legal updates governing the precious metals industry; and the California Coin and Bullion Merchants Association (CCBMA), which tries to ensure ethical business standards in coin and bullion trading.

Furthermore, Richard Schwary, is a member of The Professional Numismatists Guild, the American Numismatic Association, the National Silver Dollar Roundtable, and the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG).

Reviews on Trustpilot has had a profile on Trustpilot since 2017 and has over 880 reviews, and an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 which puts it in the ‘excellent’ category. The vast majority of the reviews are positive, with 88% being excellent, 7% being great, 3% being average, less than 1% being poor and 2% being bad. 

From the bad reviews, customer feedback was mostly related to poor customer service, COVID protocols, and slow delivery of online orders. 

Reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

California Numismatic Investments, Inc. has an of A+ rating from the BBB with a 5 out 5 for customer reviews. However, there is only one customer review on the BBB and therefore no complaints. Thus the A+ rating, based on just one review, is a little contentious and that is why it’s best to look at a range of other customer review platforms.

Perhaps one reason for the lack of customer feedback, is that most people buying online would search for the name to send in a review or feedback – but the listing on the BBB is in the company name, which is different from the website domain name and the trading name.

Reviews on the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

California Numismatic Investments, Inc. is a member of the BCA and has an AAA rating, which is the highest rating assigned to a company by the BCA. That means that there is nothing in BCA’s files that causes them to have any doubt about the company’s reliability. 

However, there has not been any customer feedback at all – positive or negative, through the BCA. Again, this may be because the trading name is not used like with the BBB listing. Therefore it’s wise to also look at other reviews for a more holistic assessment of their performance. 

Pros and cons of

It’s useful to weigh up the pros and cons of any product or service you’re looking at buying or using, to help you make a more informed decision and to avoid scams. Below we list some pros and cons of using to purchase bullion and rare coin products. 

The pros of the

The cons of  the

FAQs about

Can I store the bullion I purchase with the company?

The company doesn’t have its own storage facilities, but they do have a business relationship with an independent storage company called CNT Depository. They can deliver your purchase directly there upon your request. This storage facility is based in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. 

Can I sell back to the company?

The site says that they “guarantee your complete satisfaction on any PCGS graded rare coin and back that guarantee with a no-questions asked 7 day return policy and complete refund”. However, for bullion related coins, the prices can fluctuate daily, so they will only be able to buy back the coins at the current bid price. That means you could make an overall loss in the process.

Is a scam?

This online platform is not a scam because there are various online reviews on credible sites like Trustpilot, the BBB, and the BCA. The company has a long history of trading in precious metals and there are over 800 reviews from people on Trustpilot related to their purchases which indicates legitimacy. 

Final thoughts about is a comprehensive online shop selling bullion and it also has a physical store in Los Angeles. The company behind is California Numismatic Investments (CNI), which has over 40 years of experience trading in precious metal products. 

Most reviews online of are favorable, and the site also has a lot of useful information to make it easier for buyers and investors to choose which coins or bullion bars to buy. They also offer free advice and appraisals, to facilitate sales and decision-making. 

There are various pros and cons to using, and overall there seem to be more benefits than drawbacks. They offer a wide range of products, and offer free delivery and insurance. Although they don’t offer storage facilities for products invested as part of an IRA, there are many facilities that you could choose from in this regard. 

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